After your preliminary plans are approved, we will begin detailing your plans and provide more detailed 3d renderings. It is at this time that we will go over electrical, cabinets, finishes, etc. Upon completion of this, we will provide you with a check set. This is a plan that will be about 90% complete, at which time you can make minor modifications. The final step is construction documents. These are finalized plans which will be ready for permitting and construction.

SITE PLAN: You provide us with a survey or lot description and will will layout your property and locate your home, driveways, walks, etc.


SPECIFICATIONS: This is a description of the quality of materials which will be used in your home. It will call out for the type of insulation, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc. We can also call for allowances for certain items or materials. It’s important to do this so contractors will be bidding on the same quality of materials (apples to apples, so to speak).


ELEVATIONS: 2d Views of the exterior of your home, calling out for roof pitches, bearing points, exterior finish, etc.

ROOF PLAN: Bird’s eye view of home, calling out for pitches and bearing points.


FLOOR PLAN: All walls and beams, sized and dimensioned to. Wind speed hold downs spotted. Door and window schedule.


FRAMING PLAN: Section cut through showing how the house is to be framed. Hurricane wind tie-downs called out for with nail count to meet your required wind speed. Attachment details.

ADDITIONAL FRAMING PLAN: Sections cut through showing how special ceilings are to be framed and how roof bracing is to be achieved.



ELECTRICAL PLAN: Layout and count of electrical outlets, lights, and switches etc.

CABINET ELEVATIONS: Views and sizes of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


FOUNDATION PLAN: There are many different types of foundations that can be designed for your home. Usually the type of soil supporting your home and the required elevation of your home will determine the best foundation system to go with. We can provide you with the required foundation layout and details to achieve the best results for your specific lot.